About Us

  Swiss Premium Chocolates (SPC) is an online e-commerce store which sources chocolate products from Switzerland and allow chocolate lovers in the United States to enjoy the top brands and hard to find Swiss favorites. We carefully select the brands that keeps the tradition of great tasting chocolate the Swiss are known for. Our goal is to always provide low shipping rates and fast delivery. We hope you will enjoy eating "swiss premium chocolates", as well as sharing them. For any questions please send an email to: info@swisspremiumchocolates.ch


 Our Commitment

No material differences
(the tasting will tell the difference)

    We are committed and pride ourselves in offering “genuine goods”. SPC operates at the highest level of integrity and transparency regarding a company's brand and the representation of manufactures listed on our e-commerce store. While SPC is currently not an authorize seller of the brands we list on our site, we source our products from authorize brand dealers in Switzerland.  Under “the first sale doctrine (17 U.S.C. § 109(a))” both trademark and copyright law products when purchased, gives the new owners the rights to sell, lend, or share their copies without having to obtain permission or pay fees to the manufacture or owner of the brand. Under “Fair Use Doctrine (17 U.S.C. § 107)” SPC intended use of any brand image or copy does not interfere with owners’ rights or impede their right to do with the work as they wish, but to compliment and offer the best representation to the public.

"Thank you for your business and support in bringing a little goodness into the world"